Everygamegoing's API is currently a work in progress. Implementation of the first version of the API began on 23rd October 2016 and a large number of API commands were added. However, with the move to a framework system, the API was discontinued. We are now bringing the API back on-line by refactoring the old commands, as well as exposing some new ones that we have added.

Writing documents for the API is a pretty thankless task, and so many commands are currently undocumented. This will change over the next couple of weeks as we start to expose them again.

As it is difficult for us to know what uses the API may be put to, if you would like to see specific functionalities of our API that we may not yet have thought of, now is the time to contact us and request them.

So far, the following commands are implemented:

Magazine-Related Calls

  1. getAllMagazines
  2. countNumberOfReviewFromMag
  3. getMagazineReviewQuotesByItemID
  4. getMagazineReviewQuotesByInfoseekID
  5. getMagArticleDataByMagArticleID
  6. getMagArticleTxtByMagArticleID (NW)
  7. getAllMagElementKeysForReviewsInMag (NW)
  8. getHighestAwardByMagFor (NW)

Author-Related API Calls

  1. getAllAuthors (NW)

Publisher-Related API Calls

  1. getAllPublishers (NW)
  2. getPublisherByAttributes (NW)
  3. getMachineTypesForPublisher (NW)

Item-Related API Calls

  1. getAllItemIDs
  2. getItemByItemID
  3. valueItemByItemID
  4. getItemsReleasedByYearAndMonth (NW)
  5. getItemsFeaturingTracksByArtistName (NW)
  6. getMostRecentlyModifiedItem (NW)
  7. getAllItemIDsByPublisherAttribute (NW)
  8. getMostRecentlyReleasedItem (NW)
  9. getMinReleaseDateItem (NW)
  10. getMaxReleaseDateItem (NW)
  11. getRandomItemWithoutScreenshots (NW)
  12. getEggVideoReview (Working, but changed)
  13. getEggVideoSuggestions (NW)

Item Instructions-Related API Calls

  1. getInstructionsByItemTitleAndMachineTypeID (NW)

Machine-Related API Calls

  1. getAllMachines
  2. getExpansions (NW)

Thing-Related API Calls

  1. getAllThingTypes
  2. getThingByThingID
  3. getAllThingIDs

Tag-Related API Calls

  1. getAllTags (NW)
  2. getAllThingIDsByTag (NW)

My Machines-Related API Calls

  1. getMachinesICurate (NW)
  2. getMachineTypeGroupID (NW)
  3. getMachineTypeGroupIDsByMachineTypeID (NW)

Sales Items-Related API Calls (General)

  1. getMostRecentlyAddedItemsForSale (NW)
  2. getCountNumberOfItemsForSale (NW)
  3. updateShopItemField (NW)

Sales Items-Related API Calls (Mine)

  1. getMySales (NW)
  2. addAnotherItemToCollection (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  3. countNumberOfItemsInCollection (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  4. countThingLoathers (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  5. countThingLovers (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  6. getThisUserLovesOrLoathes (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  7. setThingLoved (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  8. setThingLoathed (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  9. htmlBriefItemDetails (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  10. htmlSupplierAlert (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  11. isVideoOnWay (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  12. htmlRequestVideoConfirmation (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  13. setThingVideoRequest (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  14. toggleMyCollectedItemsPublic (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  15. toggleMyImmediateEmailForWantedItem (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  16. toggleMyWantedItemsPublic (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  17. RandomValueItem (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  18. toggleMyItemInCollection
  19. toggleMyItemOnWishList (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  20. getThisUserLovesOrLoathes (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  21. updateItemElement (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  22. getPublishersForMachineType (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  23. getMostWantedItemsToday
  24. toggleItemFlag (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  25. setWantedItemCollected (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  26. changeItemPublisherFolder (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  27. toggleItemNaturalLanguage (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  28. getShopItemPublishers/index/machine_type_id/XXXX/format_type_id/XXXX/shop_item_state_id/XXXXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  29. getFormatsRespectingShopItemStateID/index/shop_item_state_id/XXX/[machine_type_id/XXXXXX/] (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  30. getFormatsForPublisher/index/publisher_id/XXX/machine_type_id/XXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  31. getFormatsForMachineType/index/machine_type_id/XXX/shop_item_state_id/XXXXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  32. htmlMusicSearchTrackName/index/track_name/XXXXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  33. htmlMusicSearchArtistName/index/artist_name/XXXXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  34. getShopItemInformationByItemID/index/item_id/XXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  35. getAllMachinesThisPublisherProducedGamesFor/index/publisher_info/XXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  36. getAllMachinesWithGamesOfThisName/index/show_title/XXXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  37. getAllFormatsByShowTitleAndSelectedMachine/index/show_title/XXX/machine_type_id/XXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  38. getAllFormatsByPublisherInfoAndSelectedMachine/index/publisher_info/XXXX/machine_type_id/XXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  39. getAllMachinesWithAuthorOfThisName/index/author_name/XXXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  40. getAllFormatsByAuthorNameAndSelectedMachine/index/author_name/XXXX/machine_type_id/XXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  41. getAllMachines/index/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  42. getAllPublishersBySelectedMachine/index/machine_type_id/XXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  43. getFormatsByMachineTypeGroupID/index/machine_type_group_id/XXXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  44. setItemField/index/item_id/XXXXX/key/release_date/value/YYYYY/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  45. getMachinesCollectedByUser/index/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  46. getPublishersByMachineTypeIDAndFormatTypeID/index/machine_type_id/XXXX/format_type_id/XXXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  47. getFormatsByMachineTypeID/index/machine_type_id/XXXX/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  48. getItemsByShowTitleOnMachinesCollectedByUserController/index/user_id/XXXX/show_title/YYYYY/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  49. getItemsByAttributesOnMachinesCollectedByUserController/index/user_id/XXXX/publisher_id/YYYYY/format_type_id/ZZZZ/machine_type_id/SSSSS/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  50. addAuthorToMagArticle/index/mag_article_id/XXXX/author_name/YYYY/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  51. setPaarentTitle/index/paarent_id/XXX/paarent_show_title/YYY/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  52. api/addTagToPaarentController/index/paarent_id/XXX/tag_name/SSS/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  53. api/removeTagFromPaarentController/index/paarent_id/XXX/tag/SSS/ (Awaiting Docs, Dave)
  54. getMyItemIDsBySalesItemStateIDAndMachineTypeID (NW)
  55. updateShopItemField (Awaiting Docs, Dave)

Authentication-Related API Calls

  1. loggedInCheck (NW)

Clicking on each of the above API commands will give you a description of how the command currently works.