Brings back an array containing every thing on the Everygamegoing site that is compatible with the [machine_type_id] specified.[machine_type_id]/[paarent_type_id/[paarent_type_id]/]

Note: The [machine_type_id] is mandatory. Refer to getAllMachines for further details.

Note: The [paarent_type_id] is optional and is discussed further below.

Note: There are many thousands of things for some machines (for example, Spectrum 48K). Use this call with caution. Make your call to this once, store the data and then parse it locally for items that may be of interest. Never build an application that calls this frequently.

The following call, substituting 7 (Acorn Electron) for the [machine_type_id]:

will return a response similar to the following:

			"show_title":"!Amxcon To Risc OS Sprites"
			"show_title":"Zorakk The Conqueror"

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
thing_id Thing ID String 55016
show_title Show Title String !Amxcon To Risc OS Sprites

Your application should find it easy to get any interesting Thing IDs from the associative array in the response.

Whilst the above should satisfy most needs, there is an additional, optional parameter called [paarent_type_id]. This is a filter and including it will narrow down the subset of data which the call returns. This list of integers that paarent_type_id must take, if you use it, are available by calling getAllPaarentTypes and will narrow down the thing_ids returned to the type of thing you request.

The calls using the [paarent_type_id] parameter are best illustrated by examples.

  1. Get all Thing IDs of games for the Dragon 32
  2. Get all Thing IDs of demos for the BBC Model B
  3. Get all Thing IDs of utlities for the Commodore 64

Whether you apply the additional [paarent_type_id] filter is entirely up to you. Whether you use the optional parameter or not, note that this command is not intended to be regularly called.

The Thing IDs can of course be used with the call to getThingByThingID to return much fuller information about any thing.