Brings back an array of quotes from contemporary magazines which reviewed the item given. The quotes appear in the section called "What They Said" on an item's landing page (in this case, item ID 382).

To get the review of quotes for an item, substitute [item_id] into the following URL:[item_id]/[quote_tenor/quote_tenor]

The [item_id] is mandatory. An optional [quote_tenor] key-value pair can also be given and is explained further below.

Hitting the following URL:

will return the following JSON response:

			"quote":"Plan B is a good little game that makes you think.",
			"author_name":"Richard West",
			"mag_name":"Acorn User",
			"issue_vol_txt":"Acorn User #059",
			"mag_article_title":"Plan B (Bug Byte)",
			"quote":"Bug Byte has given us some very good games for the Electron in the past but this one is a real blockbuster.",
			"mag_name":"Electron User",
			"issue_vol_txt":"Electron User 4.08",
			"mag_article_title":"Plan B (Bug Byte)",
			"quote":"You not only have a first-class game here, but one at a bargain price.",
			"mag_name":"The Micro User",
			"issue_vol_txt":"The Micro User 5.04",
			"mag_article_title":"Plan B (Bug Byte)",

Whilst many of the key->value pairs in the response may be self-explanatory, the following table gives a little more information on what the key designates.

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
quote Quote String Plan B is a good little...
quote_tenor Tenor Positive/Negative/Neutral Positive
author_name Author String Richard West
mag_name Magazine Name String Acorn User
issue_vol_txt Specific Issue String Acorn User #059
mag_article_title Article Title String Plan B (Bug Byte)
mag_overall_score Overall Score Integer (0-100) 0
mag_issue_id Magazine Issue ID Integer 595
mag_article_id Magazine Article ID Integer 18135

The [quote_tenor] parameter can take one of the following self-explanatory values:

  1. Positive
  2. Negative
  3. Neutral
  4. Not Negative (Returns Postive And Neutral)

We would envisage the filter to be of most use if you are using the call in a shop-type utility and only want positive quotes to be displayed next to an item that you are selling.