On the development side, we're always hard at work creating new functionalities and fixing bugs. On the data side, we're forever adding additional covers, reviews, screenshots and instructions to all the items on the site.

As all this is happening "in-house", we thought we might as well expose a little of what's going on here. OK, 99.9% of you probably won't be interested, we realise that. But for those of you that are, here is a list of what's currently in the pipeline...

In The Pipeline

 % CompleteDate Started
New Improvement, Make ShopItem URL More SEO Friendly0%1st Jan 2020
Bug, Allow Addition Of A Game For Multiple Machines0%24th May 2021
Data Capture (From Magazine), Complete Mean Machines Sega Reviews55%27th Jan 2018
Data Capture (From Elsewhere), PlayStation (Japanese Version)70%29th Mar 2018
Data Capture (From Magazine), Computer Gamer99%18th Apr 2018
Data Capture (From Magazine), ZX Computing90%12th May 2018
Data Capture (From Magazine), Zzap 6498%8th Aug 2019

Most Recent Bugs Fixed

 Date Fixed
The button to 'Allow Offers' on a Shop Item appears even if an item has been sold!20th Jun 2021
Strange Bug With Searching For Ninjakul21st Aug 2020
Date Search Is Showing An Odd Sequence Of Characters At The Top Of The Window If No Search Results Are Obtained5th Aug 2020
The Scorebox Of A Compilation Item Is Not Showing On The New Review Landing Pages2nd Aug 2020
New Messages Is Showing When I Actually Don't Have Any New Messages29th Jun 2020
Correct Collection Item View On My Purchases2nd Jun 2020
Timetable Application15th Aug 2019
When Showing Compilations In The Shop, It Should Display More Like The eBay Description Tool7th Aug 2019
Items Update Function Seems To Be Missing On Mag View3rd Aug 2019
Advanced Search Bug3rd Aug 2019

Most Recent Improvements

 Date Fixed
Automatically Add Missing US Versions Of Nintendo Wii Titles18th Jun 2021
Allow The Ability To Make Offers To Be Determined At Shop Item Level30th Oct 2020
Add Spam Trap To E-mail Addresses And Bots11th Sep 2020
Add Captcha To The Contact Page11th Sep 2020
Allow A Thing To Be Added By A Thing ID On Item View Page4th Jul 2020
Add Explicit Content Filter (Blur) To Screenshots On Landing Pages3rd Jul 2020
Refactor Author Landing Page To Show Additional Things1st Dec 2020
When Listing My Orders, Add A Filter So That The Different Order States Can Be Reduced2nd Jun 2020
Allow Creation Of New User On Admin Panel23rd Sep 2019
Create New Promoted Articles On Machine Landing Pages14th Aug 2019