The infoseek_id is an identifier used by the World Of Spectrum, a site that contains details on almost every Spectrum game ever written. It is also known as the WOS (World Of Spectrum) ID, and it is a very long-established numbering system for Sinclair Spectrum "things". Many Spectrum-related web sites (i.e. video walkthroughs of Spectrum games, etc) have retained the infoseek_id to allow for easy linking between pages.

As an example, consider the World Of Spectrum URL:

The infoseek_id here is 3915, which is the infoseek_id for a game called Psychedelia.

The getMagazineReviewQuotesByInfoseekID API call works very similarly to the getMagazineReviewQuotesByItemID one, by bringing back an array of quotes from contemporary magazines which reviewed the "thing" pointed to by the infoseek_id. The difference is that the infoseek_id is specific to Sinclair Spectrum related "things".

The call is therefore only really useful to you if you are building, or own, a Sinclair Spectrum related web-site that has retained the infoseek_id and want to display quotes from magazines on it. To do so you simply substitute [infoseek_id] into the following URL:[infoseek_id]/[quote_tenor/quote_tenor]

The [infoseek_id] is mandatory. An optional [quote_tenor] key-value pair can also be given and is explained further below.

Hitting the following URL:

will return the following JSON response:

			"quote":"The best way to learn is by experimentation... Play with the values to see what happens just like you would tinker with a synthesiser. Blow minds with it, freak out your granny. Be creative!",
			"issue_vol_txt":"Crash #15",
			"mag_article_title":"Psychedelia (Llamasoft)",

Whilst many of the key->value pairs in the response may be self-explanatory, the following table gives a little more information on what the key designates.

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
quote Quote String The best way to learn is...
quote_tenor Tenor Positive/Negative/Neutral Positive
author_name Author String
mag_name Magazine Name String Crash
issue_vol_txt Specific Issue String Crash #15
mag_article_title Article Title String Psychedelia (Llamasoft)
mag_overall_score Overall Score Integer (0-100) 0
mag_issue_id Magazine Issue ID Integer 762
mag_article_id Magazine Article ID Integer 19850

The [quote_tenor] parameter can take one of the following self-explanatory values:

  1. Positive
  2. Negative
  3. Neutral
  4. Not Negative (Returns Postive And Neutral)