Brings back the "common data" of a magazine article of which you know the unique Mag Article ID. The Mag Article ID for an article is revealed by a call to getMagazineReviewQuotesByItemID. If that call does not bring back all of the information you require then you may consider a call to this. Note that this call does not bring back the article itself; for that you require getMagArticleTxtByMagArticleID.

To get the common data of a magazine article, substitute [mag_article_id] into the following URL:[mag_article_id]/

For example, hitting the URL below will return the following JSON response:
		"mag_article_title":"ACE (Cascade Games)",
		"mag_name":"Amstrad Action",
		"issue_vol_txt":"Amstrad Action #18",
			"Grab Factor":"58%",
			"Staying Power":"48%",

Whilst many of the key->value pairs in the response may be self-explanatory, the following table gives a little more information on what the key designates. (If you are showing articles provided by Everygamegoing on your own site, you will likely be most interested in the scores array!)

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
mag_article_title Article Title String ACE (Cascade Games)
mag_article_byline Mag Article Byline String
section_id Section ID String action_test
author_name Author String CB
mag_language Natural Language (e.g. English) String English
mag_name Magazine Name String Amstrad Action
issue_vol_txt Specific Issue String Amstrad Action #18
mag_id Magazine ID Integer 21
mag_issue_id Magazine Issue ID Integer 1211
mag_article_id Magazine Article ID Integer 26391
scores Review Score Breakdown Optional Array Of Key->Values {"Grab Factor":"58%"...}