Brings back information on an thing of which you know the unique Thing ID.

You can retrieve an Thing ID by:

  1. Using the API call to getAllThingIDs in conjunction with a machine, or
  2. Outside of the API entirely, just looking at the very bottom of an thing's landing page (in the case of this link, Thing ID 58603).

To get information on an thing, substitute [thing_id] into the following URL:[thing_id]/

For example, hitting this URL:

will return the following JSON response:

		"show_title":"Law Of The West",
		"thing_descrption":"An ambitious decision-making game set in the Wild West. Take on the role of Sheriff and try to survive gunfights and confrontations with its residents.",
		"publisher_info":"U. S. Gold",
		"machine_type_group_name":"Commodore 64\/128",
		"date_created":"0000-00-00 00:00:00",
		"date_modified":"2019-07-20 13:37:25",

Whilst many of the key->value pairs in the response may be self-explanatory, the following table gives a little more information on what the key designates. (Of course, many of the values returned may be of no interest to the application you are producing!)

Key Human-readable Explanation Value Data Type Value Example
thing_id Thing ID String 44863
show_title Show Title String Law Of The West
paarent_type_name Thing Type Name String Game
paarent_id Paarent ID String 19675
thing_description Thing Description String An ambitious decisi...with its residents.
publisher_info Publisher String U. S. Gold
machine_type_group_name Stated Machine Compatibility String Commodore 64/128
format_type_group_name Media Format Of Thing String Cassette
expansion_required_description Expansion Required String
ills Number Of Screenshots String 15
flag_no_screenshots_available Flag If No Screenshots Available String 0
finished_date Earliest Date Thing Finished String 1986-04-01
flag_fsls Is First Screen Loading Screen? 0 = No, 1 = Yes 1
flag_offensive Is Content Offensive? 0 = No, 1 = Yes 0
date_created Date Thing Added To EveryGameGoing String 2016-09-24 09:20:22
date_modified Date Thing Last Modified On EveryGameGoing String 2019-07-20 13:37:25
thing_title Filename String Law-Of-The-West
paarent_type_id Thing Type ID String 1
publisher_id Publisher ID String 477
format_type_group_id Format Type Group ID String 1001
machine_type_group_id Machine Type Group ID String 333

Note: Not all things have a value for thing_description.

Note: There are currently no calls in relation to the paarent_id returned. This ID is used to designate multiple versions of the same game. This functionality is not yet ready for release.