Brings back a single integer which represents the number of reviews from a particular magazine which either have or have not been converted to "web-friendly" (i.e. html) format.[mag_field_key]/mag_field_value/[mag_field_value]/key/[key]/value/[value]/

Both [mag_field_key] and [mag_field_value] are mandatory parameters. No results will be returned without both of them being specified correctly.

[key] and [value] are optional parameters. However, you will probably want to use them in most circumstances.

The following call, substituting 'mag_id' for [mag_field_key] and 21 for [mag_field_value], and the subsequent key value pair with 'flag_article_html' and '0':

is essentially the question "How many reviews from mag_id 21 (Amstrad Action) have not yet been converted to html?". The call will return a response containing an array similar to the following:

	"response": 462

(If you are not sure of the mag_id which you need, then a call to getAllMagazines will help you out!)

You can ask the opposite question by toggling the value as follows:

You are now asking "How many reviews from mag_id 21 (Amstrad Action) have been converted to html?"

The response returned will be in the same format.

You may prefer to use the magazine's name in this call, in which case you can formulate it like this:

Remember that your mag_name will need to be URL-encoded.

And finally, you may just want to count the total number of reviews, which is the occasion where you do not need to specify [key] and [value] and can simply issue: