Allows you to use the API to view the "most wanted" items. The "most wanted" items are, as you might expect, those items where the most users have clicked the item's 'Want' button, signalling that they are actively looking for that item.

The format of this call is:[key]/[value]/

This is one of the few calls where the [key] and [value] parameters are optional. If you do not specify them, you simply receive the twenty items most wanted by the users of the site.

At time of writing, the following was received by this call:

			"show_title":"Yoshi's New Island",


			"show_title":"Singstar Pop Hits 2",


as the most wanted item was Yoshi's New Island for the Nintendo 3DS, which was wanted by three users.

You can pass different parameters to this call to obtain different results. The two parameters accepted as [key] are:

  1. machine_type_group_id, or
  2. show_title

and you must give an appropriate [value] for the [key] you have selected.


Show Most Wanted Items For A Particular Machine

Use machine_type_group_id as the first argument, and the machine_type_group_id of your choice as the second.

For example, to obtain the most wanted items for the Acorn Electron, use:

You can switch the [value] to the machine_type_id of your choice.

To find out which machine_type_id you need, call getAllMachines.


Is An Item I Have Wanted By Any Other Users?

Using show_title as a [key] however, is perhaps one of the most useful calls. If you call, for example:

the system will report back how many users are looking for that particular game. So, for example, if you happen to have a copy of Resident Evil for the PlayStation (EU Version) that you are looking to sell, this call will instantly tell you whether any users on the site are looking for it.

Each of the three variants are currently used by the ability to Browse -> By Most Wanted on the overhead Everygamegoing menu, which you can also visit here.