Everygamegoing - How it Works

The World's Biggest Game Database

Everygamegoing is the biggest, most comprehensive games database in the world. Forget the rest - whether you're looking for information on the latest PS4 VR release or an obscure ZX81 game from the year dot, we've got it covered... and you'll probably find it within a few clicks.

Why Use Everygamegoing?

Everygamegoing does so much that, the first time you use it, you may well be amazed. For example, other archive sites offer some information on whether any particular game was well, or poorly, received on release. But Everygamegoing gives you not just a few quotes or links to magazine scans but the whole review. Other archive sites may not contain homebrew, or some of the more obscure, releases for a machine; Everygamegoing does! Other sites may present information about a game like title, publisher and release date. Everygamegoing not only tells you this but also how much it's currently worth, how many users want it and even where you might be able to obtain it. It has millions of screenshots, hundreds of video reviews and it just keeps getting bigger and better.

How To Search It

Search simply by using the search function at the top of the browser window. To perform more detailed searches, click the Search tab in the overhead menu and choose the type of search you wish to perform. If you cannot find what you're looking for, but you know which machine it was released for, click Browse By Machine which will display every game for that machine.

Buying And Selling

Seen a game you want to buy on the site? Just add it to your cart and pay with Paypal. Got a game you want to sell? Just add your PaypalMe button to your account and wait for the sale. It's that easy - you won't need to take photos of it, you won't need to write a description... You can even sell a whole box full of games with a single click!

A Collectors' Paradise

Everygamegoing is a collectors' paradise. Once you sign up (a process which only takes a minute!), you'll find you can tell it which items you've got, which items you want - and you can compare your collected and wanted items with those of other users. You can also swap items, buy items and sell them. The site is completely free to use and works on desktop and mobile. If you're an eBay seller, you'll also find the "Instant eBay Description" tool invaluable - it will produce an accurate description complete with cover art and screenshots for any item on the site.

Organising Your Collection

Is the size of your game collection a bit overwhelming? Do you forget which games you've bought already? Why not simply use our Storage Containers utilities to catalogue and manage it?

What's The Catch?

Well, there isn't one! The whole site has been developed and maintained by me - Dave E - as an avid games collector, and a web developer of some prowess. Everything is optimised to run as quickly and effortlessly as possible, with a current library of over 100,000 games and counting. The site won't accost you with advertisements or sell your personal information because it's not a commercial enterprise. It's more a showcase piece of my coding skills.

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you collect games, make no mistake, Everygamegoing should be your first port of call!