Everygamegoing - About

Terms And Conditions

  1. Seller

    I am located at 42 Canterbury Road, Redcar TS10 3QF, United Kingdom.

  2. Prices on Everygamegoing

    All prices listed on Everygamegoing are in Pounds Sterling (GBP). Any amounts expressed in dollars or Euros are for illustrative purposes only and may not be accurate.

  3. Items on Everygamegoing

    Items offered for sale on Everygamegoing are second hand. The age of many of them is substantial. No items offered in the shop are guaranteed to load; indeed, no warranty is given as to their fitness for purpose and any buyer assumes the not-insubstantial risk that any item may be degraded to such an extent that it may cause damage to his respective disk drive or cassette recorder.

    That being said, items are usually fully working and complete. To mitigate any risk to your original computer equipment, buy an original item as an ornament and play the game itself via emulation. :-)

  4. Making Payment

    Everygamegoing accepts payment for items by Paypal. If you wish to buy using some other method (i.e. cheque or instant bank transfer, please contact the webmaster).

  5. Time of Contract

    A contract between you, as the buyer, and I, as the seller, comes into existence when your order is placed via Paypal and when you see the 'Confirmed Paid' message on your monitor.

  6. Cost of Postage & Packing

    The cost of postage and packaging to your country will be calculated automatically during the order process. The price you see listed cannot be altered.

  7. Delivery Times

    Orders placed via Paypal will be fulfilled within a minimum of two (2) days and a maximum of thirty (30) days.

  8. Domestic Deliveries

    Orders will be sent by Royal Mail 1st Class/2nd Class Recorded Delivery with maximum compensation of up to £46.00 if items are lost or damaged in transit. Shipping costs for Domestic Deliveries reflect this.

  9. International Deliveries

    Orders will be sent by Airsure with maximum compensation of up to £500.00 if items are lost or damaged in transit. Shipping costs for International Deliveries reflect this. Bear in mind, if you are located outside of the United Kingdom, that your items may take longer to reach you.

  10. Cancellation Policy

    You have the right to cancel your Order for any reason within fourteen working days of receipt of any items.

  11. Cancelling an Order before Despatch

    If you wish to cancel your Order before your items are despatched, then please contact the webmaster.

  12. Returns

    If you wish to cancel your Order after your items are despatched, you should return your items with all original packaging to the above address. In either case, you can then use Paypal to reclaim your money in full.

    Note that you will be required to pay the shipping costs of returning your items.

  13. Items Lost In Transit

    If items are lost in transit, then Everygamegoing will try, if it can, to replace those items. In the case of rare games however, it may not be possible. In the event that an item lost in transit cannot be replaced, a full refund will be offered.