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Home Computing Weekly

Savage Pond
By Starcade

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

This one has to get an award for its blurb alone. It reminds me of the old 1950's picture trailers: "Awesome in its conception, brilliant in its depiction". The leaflet includes a lot more which is of use. Information about the many creatures that occupy the pond is set out clearly. Instructions on how to play are provided and notes on what to expect in the life cycle of the game assuming you survive.

That's what it's all about - survival. You take the part of a tadpole swimming around blissfully eatin the amoeba. Suddenly a dragonfly flits across the screen and drops an egg which you eat if you can or else it becomes a creature to devour you. There are several phases which present a challenge to your basic instinct. All of them are realistically presented except perhaps when the radioactive waste is dumped to create the mutated bumble bee.

The graphics are superb giving realistic detail to a host of creatures like beetle larva and bloodworm. The game can be played from the keyboard or with a joystick and the music can be turned on or off.

It requires fast reactions and may prove frustrating to the very young. A good, instructive game for the school, I would have thought.


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