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Home Computing Weekly

Jet Boot Jack
By English

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

This is a game that has you jumping, ducking, running, sliding, rolling and going up and down lifts. There are going to be the inevitable comparisons but, of its type, it is quite well done.

The graphics are good but limited. There are ten screens but there is not much difference between them. The colours change and the positions of the lifts, rollers, etc, move but you are playing the same background all the time.

As Jet Boot Jack, so called because of this method of propulsion, you have been placed in the record pressing plant, suitably miniaturised.

You collect fuel for your boots from pods hanging from the ceiling, collect musical notes and protect yourself from bugs and gremlins.

There is a practice option which allows you to play without the bugs. This allows you to make speedy progress through the screens and may eliminate a lot of the frustration. An additional good point is the ability to start afresh from the screen you last tackled. This is always reset to screen 1 when you start a new session so you could be tied to the screen for some time.

An exciting game with nice features but without the quality to make it a lasting favourite.


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