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Answer Back Sport
By Kosmos

Published in Home Computing Weekly #108

I must confess I didn't like the idea of a quiz on the computer. Most of them are very unimaginative and allow little interaction. The limited nature of any databank of questions is usually another drawback. This, I'm pleased to say, does not apply to Answer Back.

Firstly, I was amazed at the size of the databank; 26 lots of 30 questions. Some of the subjects included were Club FootbaJl, Meccas of Sport, Cricket and 1983. Just about every sporting fancy is taken care of if you include the catch all, Pot Luck - which has nothing to do with snooker!

Once a quiz has been loaded you have the option to choose a multiple choice or yes/no format or a combination of both. You can also choose to be timed and you can choose to have the questions in sequence or at random.

There is a graphic reward sequence at the end of each session. A choice of either football, where you play the goalkeeper, or tennis in which you simply hit the ball back. Not impressive but a nice addition for the junior members of the family.

For me the winning feature was the program's ability to create your own quiz in the given format. You aren't limited to sport of course and this gives the program great potential in providing a selective and individualised approach.

It's an extremely user friendly program and even provides a verify procedure thus eliminating the risk of spending time creating, saving and then discovering some fault with the cassette.

If you like quiz games this one is good.


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