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Paul Daniels Magic Show
By Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

You have the cassette, a manual, a pack of special cards and a printed sheet that helps with one trick. There are ten tricks altogether and a few other props will be needed: a pack of cards and some coins.

It soon becomes clear that you will need practice because you are the magician and not the computer! One or two are self explanatory and the audience follow instructions on the screen.

The presentation of the tricks varies enormously. The first one which defines a playing card and a person's date of birth lacked sound effects. Perhaps what was missing was Paul's patter!

My favourite was Clue based on the game Cluedo. In your absence the audience commit the crime: they choose a name, a weapon and a room using good graphic sequences. When you return you guess all three. My family were amazed and couldn't see how it was done.

An important aspect is the ability to customise the sequence to create a show. Ultimately success will depend on the presenter and not the computer leaving a lot for the imaginative magician to do.


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