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Bug Eyes
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Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #112

The Xxabaneans or Bug Eyes are out to destroy the planet earth. They want the universe all to themselves, the greedy things. A nice title page appears as the game loads.

Your mission, as a star agent, is to penetrate their starship which is disguised as a meteorite. There are 10 levels through which you have to travel in order to reach their power generator. The brief blurb is quite good but be warned: here comes another one of those games which mean you have to move around working out how to avoid obstacles and move along platforms to reach your objective. In this version there are moving pistols, aliens, sliding platforms and flashing rays.

I was able to get through two screens which required timing and fast reactions but then it became boring. The demonstration routine allowed you to see all ten screens - I'm not sure whether that's such a good idea as there are no surprises left - and some of them looked very difficult, if not impossible.

As is the fashion now with these multiscreen platform games, each one has a title. Some of them are simply descriptive like Stampy Stompers; others are an attempt at being humorous, Wot No Aliens; and some are private jokes, John's Chin. I think you get the picture.

For your money you get a playable but unexciting game. The graphics are good but they don't hold any surprises.


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