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Caveman Capers
By Icon/Audiogenic

Published in Home Computing Weekly #108

The main virtue of this game is its simplicity. You move along the scrolling screen, occasionally accelerating and jumping past or over the obstacles.

The caveman is standing on some tortoise-like creature and dashing across the screen to jump over holes, avoid the pterosauria, snakes, mushrooms and ... but that's as far as I could get. Your progress is recorded section by section on a bone up above and includes a high score record.

The graphics are good and you can detect the odd humorous touch. If you stumble or get hit then you come crashing over the animal being stood on by the caveman. Was it a turtle - at that speed! - or a sheep? Some smart alec expert who had been doing a dinosaur project at school suggested it was an ankylosaurus, huh!

There is a friendly looking diplodocus which pokes its head into the screen and which you should try to avoid. It does have a friendlier mate, however, who clears a section of the screen and informs you when you've finished.

It's quite good fun for a while and my kids loved it but not a game to play for too long. Nice musical accompaniment which fortunately you can switch off. My biggest complaint is against the price, however, which seems high for a particularly ordinary game format in spite of the pretty pictures.


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