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Home Computing Weekly

Vectors Maths Tutor
By Salamander

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

This tape comes in a large video-type package complete with 12-page manual. Loading was no problem and I was pleased to see all the contents were easily transferable to disc. There are 14 programs and, although it seems a daunting task, it's certainly worthwhile.

It must be appreciated that these programs of themselves will not cover the whole area. It is assumed that the student will "have access to other modes of learning". The aim is to cover some of the aspects as required in GCE Additional Mathematics, A Level Mathematics and other exams.

Each program is self-contained unit, well documented, that allows the student to work individually or in a small group. It is important to work through the programs in order, however, as many reinforce previous work.

As a highly structured approach it is designed for the home, as a form of revision, or for school, the latter allowing group work. I was very impressed with the stated objectives written into the manual for each section which covered new ground.

It's very much in line with programmed learning and rather dry in its approach but, remembering my own 'O' level days, that's precisely what I needed, a no-frills run through of the essentials.


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