Amstrad Action

Project X: The Microman

Author: The Balrog
Publisher: Recreation
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #72

Project X: The Microman

Recreation Re-creation certainly has been busy recently. Its latest price list has 28 games, all at budget prices. One of the games is a re-release, Project X: The Microman. Written by Tim Kemp and Jon Lemmon, Project X was originally written on the Spectrum many moons ago, converted to the Amstrad for Global's Fourmost adventure compilation in 1986 and reviewed in AA8.

You play the part of Professor Neil Richards, who becomes victim of a cliched fate - while working in his laboratory on animal miniaturization, a freak accident occurs...

You receive a massive dose of Gamma radiation and discover that you are shrinking. Realising your danger, you jump into your car and start driving towards your colleague's laboratory for help. Unfortunately, along the way, you black out and crash, to awaken a microman...

The first puzzle involves escaping from the car. From there you must find your colleague's laboratory, circumvent the COM-2 security system and try to get inside to contact him. Along the way you'll battle with a mole, find a needle in a haystack, develop a photograph and carry out various other tasks to help you in your quest to return to normal size.

Quilled, with average graphics, Project X is enjoyable. But, as with Orb Quest, it suffers at times from the lack of a decent parser. A good game, but perhaps a bit dated nowadays.

The Balrog

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