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Amstrad Action

By Adventure PD
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #65


Shades, written by Phil Craven using ADLAN, is not exactly an adventure, more a look around the world of Shades, which is a Multi-User Game (MUG) only accessible via a modem. Unfortunately, it is not a very good example of a MUG as the location descriptions are nearly all one line (with no exits mentioned so you have to experiment typing N, E, etc at each location), there are no mobiles and no NPC's. Even adding atmospheric messages such as 'Ludwig has entered the game' or 'Lorry appears in a flash of smoke' would add something. Phil will be adding to Shades so hopefully some of these recommendations will be implemented.

Blue Raider

See Scull PD's Adventure Disk 1.

Masters Of Mid-World

Masters Of Mid-World was written by Steve Anderson way back in 1986. Masters is set in the land of the Mid-World, which has recently been invaded by the forces of darkness and is ruled in fear by the evil wizard king Elfric. The secret to Mid-World's freedom lies in the magic goblet which has the power to banish all evil. Only the mysterious Druids have the wisdom to use the goblet correctly. Like Blue Raider, Masters is written in BASIC, and it shows! The game has a very small parser and poor graphics. Nothing to write home about.

The Balrog

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