Amstrad Action

Jaws: The Last Studhorse

Author: The Balrog
Publisher: Megamag
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #68

Or it might be The Last Stallion. The English/French dictionary's not quite sure either.

Jaws: The Last Studhorse

Imagine an adventure which is disk-only (taking up both sides), has beautiful digitized graphics in every location, digitized sound and good puzzles... Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, Jaws has all the above, but - and it is a big but - the game is written in French!

Now although I'm fluent in all three of the orcish dialects, plus a smattering of hobgoblin, I'm not exactly fluent in French! So it was with a bit of difficulty and a French-English dictionary that I tried playing this game!

Written by Stephane Saint-Martin and Xavier Brysbaert, the general storyline (as far as I can tell!) goes as follows:

In 1995, a deadly virus has spread throughout the world and millions of people are dead and dying. You play a beautiful woman called Shana (you see her digitized body and hear her voice at the start of the 6128 version!) and for some reason that I couldn't quite fathom you must try and find the last surviving stallion (called Jaws - perhaps he's got very big teeth!) located deep in the mountains of Tibet. Perhaps the Stallion will be able to save the World? (I'm not too sure on this point!)

The game looks beautiful - as I've already mentioned, there are digitized graphics at every location and some, such as the large waterfall have added sound effects. As to the gameplay... Ummm... Well, apart from managing to move nord, sud, ouest and est and examine things, I couldn't really discover much as to the game's quality - my French wasn't good enough! However, I did discover that saying "salut" to certain people resulted in them actually talking back to you through the computer's loudspeaker - the old man said something in French to me when I said 'Salut' and the yak mooed at me!

Another very useful feature is that you can redefine the numeric keypad to have your own commands programmed in - this makes entering commands quicker and easier and is definitely a good idea. The cursor keys are also defined to move the compass directions.

I haven't given the game any ratings as I am not sure of its quality! It looks good - but for all I know its parser and puzzles could be poor... Definitely only for people who can speak French or have a good dictionary.

The Balrog

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