Amstrad Action

Scull PD Disc #15
By Scull PD
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #65

Adventure Disk 1

PD Disk #15 from Scull PD contains two adventures and one role-playing game:

Can I Cheat Death?

Can I Cheat Death? is the first in a trilogy of 'adult' adventures by Simon Avery. The story is this: At a visit to the fortune-teller Madame X, you are told "you do not have much longer on this world, even as now, the sands of time are running out and Death sits in his house sharpening his scythe ready to collect your soul". But you do have one chance, to "substitute your life glass with something with more sand in it" and travel through the strange land to confront Death.

Note: The adventure is a little risque in some parts, so Simon has given it the 16+ certificate.

Blue Raider

Blue Raider is a two-part adventure by Matthew Roberts.

You play the part of Kiloon - The Blue Raider - and you are under the command of Queen Kimbra. She has had most of her land taken over by the Kraags, an evil race of hideous creatures seeking total domination. As part of the Queen's elite, you have been assigned a small island about 80 miles off the mainland that you must reclaim by killing Arriel. He is not a well known soap powder but is in fact the Kraag currently ruling the island in the castle to the north. In order to do kill him you must seek Quillan, a wizard who backs the rebellion, who can help you. The Kraags are a powerful lot so you will need magical weapons to defeat Arriel.

Blue Raider is written in BASIC - one of the worst languages to write an adventure in - but is actually all right, with a good combat sequence.


You are a young warrior, wanting to prove yourself. You decide to embark on a dangerous trip into the lands of Arlane, where many a brave soul has perished! You ignore the warnings of the village elders and pleadings from your family and stride out across the cold, unforgiving wilderness...

Raider is a role-playing game in which you can play up to four people at once or even play with three friends. You can explore both above and below the mythical land of Arlane, searching for four pieces of treasure needed to complete the game. Included with the game are character designers, map makers and a character editor so that you can make your own games. Raider would be an OK game if it wasn't for the speed it runs at - it is so slow! As mentioned by Caroline Lamb in AA62.

The Balrog

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