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Amstrad Action

Classic Adventure
By Wacci
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #65

Classic Adventure

Free For All, Classic Adventure is just that; a classic adventure. A CP/M text-only game, it is based on the very first adventure game ever written, by William Crowther and Don Woods on a mainframe computer, this faithful copy by Jay Jaegar is more than 100K in size!

You start inside a well house and must explore the area and collect various treasures hidden in the caves beneath the ground. As Classic Adventure was the first ever adventure, you'll see puzzles such as dropping the bird to attack the snake, uttering magic words to teleport and watering a plant to make a beanstalk which have been used in many adventures since - but remember, they were here first!

Many software houses have produced versions of Classic Adventure (such as Melbourne House, Amsoft & Level 9) on the CPC and this is your chance to play it for free. An added bonus is that all the room descriptions and messages are held in ASCII files and so they can be loaded into a word processor and modified.

A historic game that is a worthy addition to the adventurer's collection.

The Balrog

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