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Amstrad Action

Panic Beneath The Sea
By John Packham
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #51

Panic Beneath The Sea

Panic is a two-part adventure "GACed" from the keyboard of John Packham. In it, you play the part of an unemployed detective sent on a dangerous mission by your government - to dive down to a sunken ship and retrieve some nuclear isotopes before anyone else while avoiding cyborg enemy agents. Not one of the most original plots in the world!

Part one of the game has graphics, starting with you sitting in your office and deals with finding a ferry to take you to the sunken ship. Part two concerns searching the sunken vessel for the nuclear material.

I quite enjoyed this game. Although the graphics are nothing to rave about (as with most GAC games), and the parser is unfriendly in places, the puzzles are well though out and cleverly implemented. These provide the main enjoyment of the game, and in part two especially they can be very devious!

This is John's first game, but definitely not his last, and although enjoyable it is let down by its poor parser and plot. John certainly knows how to write a good game and I look forward to reviewing his next release City For Ransom soon...

The Balrog

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