Amstrad Action


Author: The Balrog
Publisher: Atlas Adventure
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #68


You and a friend were touring Ormskirk when you discovered an unmapped cave system. Being curious adventurers, you started to explore the caves but, as you had not bought a lamp with you, you were attacked in the dark by a Grue. The Grue devoured your tubby friend then and there, but feeling rather full, he decided to lock you in his cave for when his appetite returned. He has now fallen asleep outside the only exit. You must find a way to escape!

This is the introductory screen to Grue-Knapped, a brilliantly-written ADLAN game by Bob 'Amster' Adams - some of you may remember Bob when he very kindly reviewed ADLAN in AA60 after my monitor blew up!

Since it's text only, I was initially worried that the game would have a few too many 'in-jokes', as both Bob and The 'Grue' are regular readers and contributors to Adventure Probe. However, my fears were unfounded - the game is just very funny!

The puzzles are well thought out and logical... too logical at times: one of the puzzles involves reaching a shelf by jumping onto something springy. The final solution is very logical but so absurd I kicked myself. Bob's style seems to be similar to Colin Harris's games, in that his objects are never what they seem. I was examining the sink and I found a plug - a 13 amp one!

There is also a painting of Ormskirk quay - a door key! The jokes in the game are very funny - the final puzzle is such a play on words it'll make you groan!

Grue-Knapped has advanced commands such as Ramsave, Ramload and look behind and look under but, surprisingly, the game does not understand 'it' or 'all'. Overall, one of the best games I've played in quite a while!

The Balrog

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