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Home Computing Weekly

By Harris Micro
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

The problem encountered on the cassette version of this program, the inability to report file loading errors and abort in a reasonable manner, no longer exists with this disc version. Coupled with speed of access, this presents itself as a powerful and versatile package.

This program enables you to create a file with its own account structure, limited only by the capacity of the disc. You can make a VAT analysis of your transactions, work out your budgeting requirements and get a forecast over a stated period. You can operate your accounts over a normal calendar year with the option of continuing given your current balances.

The display and layout is in the highest resultion black on buff. The program uses a 42 column by 24 row screen with upper and lower case lettering with an option to print all information.

One has to spend time getting used to the system but the 24-page manual is clear and provides helpful hints. When I transferred my accounts to this, I was amazed at how effectively and clearly it presented them in a systematic fashion.

This program needs a Dragon disc drive.


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