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Home Computing Weekly

Midas Maze
By Dungeon
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #37

Described as "An Exploration for Younger Players", there is no other guideline as to just what age group this might be suitable for.

The game consists of a low-resolution mate in which you wander around to locate the treasure.

Only the arrow keys are used to move, but if you get into a tight corner you can place yourself randomly elsewhere.

On the face of it, that doesn't sound too promising, but there is a lot more built in.

Young children of about five practising their motor skills need a lot of visual stimulus.

This is provided by the author, Mike Meineck, through a charming mixture of high- and low-res excursions, giving the youngster pictures and actions which help with co-ordination and memory. I particularly liked the helpful Fairy Nuff.

I've tried it out with five to nine year olds, and they enjoyed the game. It was easy to cope with and contained enough to keep them interested. Loading proved simple and the instructions were straightforward.

Fun for the youngsters with a minimal amount of supervision - I would even be happy to see this one in a playschool.


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