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Home Computing Weekly

Star Jammer
By Salamander
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #17

Here we have a very colourful space dogfight by Franklin Frogstar (Is this guy for real?). You are out to destroy an alien fleet intruding into your galaxy.

Your laser sight is in the centre of the screen and you steer the enemy into this with your joystick. A nice funnelling effect is produced with the stars although larger heavenly bodies remain curiously static.

A limited amount of energy, indicated at the bottom of the screen, protects you from enemy fire at a distance. If you're slow this is soon used up, even though you do have three lives.

The explosions are terrific and the graphic representation of enemy fighter and backgrounds Here we have a very colourful quite good. At the end of each game there's a Roll of Honour to enter up to 10 high scores - essential in my competitive family.


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