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Home Computing Weekly

Desert Golf
By Compusense
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #40

Back on the tee with another of these real game simulations.

This version credits you with a near winning situation half-way through a tournament on the Nevada course. Pitted against some of the best names, you take over at the tenth hole.

The program starts with a weather report and then asks for your surname to include on the leaderboard. Your current position is given together with your opponents' scores.

A menu provides you with the options: an overhead view, a tee view, a club selection, the standings or a review of the scores.

The hi-res screens are nicely drawn and painted showing the green and a bit of the surrounding country. The only problem is that there is no update of your current position of the ball.

Though somewhat expensive, it's a nice program which, in spite of the fact that it's written in Basic, responds very quickly and has some effective sound routines.


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