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Home Computing Weekly

Fun And Games
By Shards
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #14

This is the best of the Shards programs I have seen - a bumper package with some novel ideas.

Artist is a competition for up to four people. The computer asks for various inputs to create the parameters and then does the rest for you. It creates an abstract which is continually changing and which you stop when satisfied. The choice is then yours - either you or the computer must judge the 'paintings'. A nice routine where the computer deliberates and then chooses a winner.

Gold is a joystick operated romp through minefields to collect the glittering ore. Circles is good fun as well: a memory game where you have to pair off coloured circles. A simple concept used effectively.

Most unusual is Musical which allows the computer to control the cassette player for a game of musical chairs. A must for the children's party, complete with a list of names and eventual winner.

Other games are familiar enough and well presented. Noughts and Crosses challenged the younger children, while Brain provided the older ones with a good game of mastermind.

Donkey is a terrific party game using a joystick and sound for pinning on the tail. Snap, Anagrams and Dice complete the offerings on this well-thought-out compendium.


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