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Home Computing Weekly

Giant's Castle
By Dungeon
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #37

This is a fun adventure program for younger players who need to be able to read reasonably well, cope with general knowledge questions, anagrams and a little frustration. In fact this is the basic stuff of all adventures.

The game is full of nice surprises, both from its graphics and its text comments. It would of course be unfair to detail these, but it's fair to say that colour, sound and simple animation provide an entertaining mix that will give the children lots of fun.

High- and low-res are used effectively in this Basic program which is certainly an advantage here.

The program notes contain an interesting section for parents and teachers which give instructions on how the general knowledge questions may be changed.

An interesting departure for a program to be advocating its own cannibalisation, but a necessary feature if it's to have lasting appeal.

Younger children of about seven needed minimal guidance and found it intriguing. I also tried it at school with small groups of nine and ten year olds, who collectively answered the questions in about 45 minutes.

One complaint. In one room, the wrong decision causes the program to wipe itself out - a nuisance in class because valuable time is wasted reloading. Oh well, we can always alter it!


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