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Key Definer & Character Generator
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #69

This package consists of two programs. First, we have a function key defining program - to be honest, this is very poor. The average BBC owner could write a better program during his/her first week on the machine! As an example, one of the more technical key definitions actually allows the user to load or save cassette-based programs at the press of a key!

The second offering is a character definer. This program is slightly better than the first, but I imagine it would probably have been rejected had it been submitted for publication in a magazine.

The program only allows definition of single characters and is unable to define multi-coloured characters.

Characters are defined by moving a cursor around an 8 x 8 grid of asterisks using the cursor keys. Usually, when using a character definer, the cursor is moved to the required position on the grid and the pixel then lit. Not in this program. Every time the cursor is moved onto a new square, the pixel is automatically lit, so you spend most of the time erasing unwanted pixels.


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