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Home Computing Weekly

Complete Machine Code Tutor
By New Generation
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #76

If the thought of programming in machine code causes you to break into a cold sweat then this package, consisting of two cassettes and a slim booklet, could be for you.

The package comprises 23 lessons, most of which have an accompanying exercise. Each lesson is selected from a menu and consists of one or more screens of text explaining the principles behind that lesson's topic. The lessons cover subjects ranging from an explanation of the 6502's registers to the action of each of the mnemonics supported by 6502 assembly language.

Lessons are illustrated with demonstration programs which are executed stepwise while current contents of each register and flag status is displayed. A line of text explains what is happening in each step.

Another excellent feature is the fact that it is completely interactive. You can edit any of the example programs and re-run them to see the effects of his alterations.

During the few hours I have used this package I have learned more than I did in several days of grappling with books on the subject.


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