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Home Computing Weekly

By Bridge
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #68

This is a version of the classic computer game, Black Box.

The game consists of an 8 x 8 grid containing invisible atoms. Your objective is to determine the position of these atmos by firing photon rays into the grid. The rays are absorbed, reflected, or deflected, by atoms. The entry and exit positions of rays are displayed by coloured markers which indicate the type of interaction which has occured.

To the hardened arcader, who has gone through life relying on his/her lightning quick reflexes, this may seem a little confusing. Do not despair - help is at hand. Not only are there comprehensive instructions on the cassette inlay, but the first program on side one of the cassette provides an animated description of the types of atom/ray interactions which will be encountered.

The program consists of 6K of Basic which, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't crash - this program must be idiot-proof!

Despite the quality I couldn't help feeling that it should be have been presented along with Reversi, Nim and Mastermind as a computer games compendium to give true value for money.


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