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Home Computing Weekly

By Selective
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #69

Quickdraw is another on-screen painting package. It has all the usual features, e.g. the ability to SAVE and LOAD screens to and from tape or disc and to dump the finished work of art to a printer.

Quickdraw makes good use of the Beeb's function keys, providing such facilities as triangle, circle and quarter circle drawing. A function key strip is provided with the instructions.

The Mode 1 screen is divided into two distinct areas. The top three lives provide information regarding the current cursor position and also the drawing mode in use, e.g. Move, Draw, Triangle, etc. This facility is very informative but unfortunately this information is also dumped to the printer during the printing of the picture. On the subject of printing, the user must provide his own screen dump routine and one line of the program must be amended to call this routine.

Overall, I found Quickdraw easy to use and capable of producing some quite detailed displays. Do consider this program if a general purpose artistic package is what you require.


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