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By Blue Ribbon
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #129

Pyramid decoration is the name of the game in Q-Man, a version of Q-Bert, from Blue Ribbon Software.

Q-Man is a small red chap who is 75070 nose. His job in life is to wander his way around the outside of a pyramid. Every time he steps upon a stone it changes colour. The aim of the game is to manouvre Q-Man onto every stone, thus redecorating the complete pyramid.

This would not prove too difficult were it not for the maniac snooker player who hides behind the pyramid. This character constantly lobs a snooker ball over the top of the pyramid. The ball then bounced from stone to stone on it's way towards the bottom of the screen. Should you be unfortunate enough to be caught by the ball then you can say goodbye to one of your Q-men. You begin the game with three men but aquire a new man for every screen completed. This is quite a generous allowance and can result in some quite lengthy games.

As the game progresses the bouncing ball is accompanied by a large snake which also jumps around the pyramid, usually in your general direction. On both sides of the pyramid there is a small disc. By jumping your man from the pyramid onto the disc he is miraculously transported to the top of the building. Great for gelling out of those sticky situations.

Q-Man is a reasonably accurate version of the arcade game, but the action can become a little sluggish at times.


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