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Home Computing Weekly

By Brainbox
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #69

Enigma is advertised as "a new type of computer game" based around a pack of cards. At the start you select which one of five rules to play by, and then determine the nature of this rule by playing the game.

Quite simply, you or the computer select a "start card". As the cards are played, the computer will inform you whether it has been accepted or rejected according to the rule in use, and presumably its relationship to the start card.

Presumably because, during two days, I failed to discover any of the rules.

The only complaint I had about the mechanics was that the order in which the cards were selected and whether they were accepted had to be written on a piece of paper and analysed later. It would have been a nie touch if there had been a printer option to enable the relevant data to be recorded automatically.

Should you be the type of mental masochist who can solve Rubik's cube blindfold with both hands tied then this is the game for you.


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