Home Computing Weekly

Banana Man/Secret Sam 1

Author: J.R.
Publisher: Blue Ribbon
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #132

This cassette takes value for money to extremes, an arcade game and an adventure for £2.50, incredible!

Banana Man is the hero of the first game, to keep him satisfied he must devour 40 banana sandwiches every minute. The sandwiches appear randomly scattered around a large grid, sandwiches are eaten by simply jumping onto the same square. Should you eat the required number of bananas within the time limit then the remaining time is used to calculate bonus points.

Other bonus points can be obtained by eating peeled bananas or scaring Ethel the cat! Hazards come in the form of spiders, which should not be stepped upon, and solid blue blocks which may surround our banana munching buddy.

The game is fast, fun, and COlourful, and I reached level nine at my first attempt!!

The second game of this dynamic duo is an adventure game called Secret Sam I. The game is set in the shady James Bond type world of espionage and intrigue.

Secret Sam is a man with a mission. Some psychopath is about to detonate an atomic bomb and it's your job to stop him. The bomb can only be made safe by inserting four seperate keys, which you must find.

The adventure is absolutely littered with lots of James Bond type death sequences, but for some reason I never seem to escape in the nick of time. One word of warning - don't forget to eat your orders once you have read them, failure to do so could prove hazardous.

This cassette could be the best £2.50 that you have ever parted with, but it.


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