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Home Computing Weekly

By Firebird
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

With tones that remind me of an organ grinder, music is played whilst you load. The scene is set in some antiquated time, when Farmer Tubbs goes out on a duckshoot with his blunderbuss.

The title page with keyboard instructions warns you that "Sense of Humour is Essential". You are Farmer Tubbs walking along the bottom of the screen shooting up at a sky full of ducks. You could be forgiven for thinking this was another space invaders variation - it is! A swan occasionally glides across the top of the screen like a mothership which gives you bonus points for a hit. You have to avoid the dead ducks and when you've cleared the screen additional hazards present themselves. There are eggs dropping, ducks zig-zagging, all creating a frantic busy scene.

This was one of my favourite games of the shoot-'em-up style. It was easy to make progress initially but became increasingly challenging. It was amusing and quite an original interpretation of an old theme. The music was terrific, although you do have an option to turn it off. Finally, a high score table is included for Sensational Shooters.


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