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Home Computing Weekly

Acid Drops
By Firebird
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

Nothing to do with sweets but an acid bath which hangs over you threateningly. Moths, pods and spinners are your enemies sending homing missiles which are fairly easy to avoid.

You have to shoot the creatures but more important, avoid hitting the acid tank. Not very easy and the acid is soon dripping down with fatal consequences. However, if you stay alive long enough, a gate opens up on your right and you can make your escape. Here, you fly through a maze of tunnels into the next screen. Incredibly there are nine levels - but I found it difficult enough with two!

The keyboard controls were straightforward until you have to fly. Then I would have preferred the joystick which is optional on this game. Unusual feature was the ability to define the sensitivity of the joystick.

The game is longer than most of Firebird's other offerings, being loaded in two parts with good quality musical accompaniment.

I liked it. It was fiendishly clever and good fun offering a surprising variety. Perhaps a little too difficult, but good value.


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