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Graphics System
By Salamander
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

A superb package with a very detailed manual. All controls are via the keyboard and there are 30 commands. This seems daunting at first but, like anything used regularly, you soon learn. They do follow a logical pattern, e.g. A = Arc, B = Box.

When loading is complete a sound prompts you to turn off the recorder and select screen mode. Following on from the main program there are various beautifully-drawn demonstration pictures to inspire you to greater things!

The possibilities are limitless. There are so many features to help in creating your masterpieces that there can be no excuses for poor graphics in future. There is, for example, a grid of dots which can be switched on or off to aid accuracy.

The marvellous part about it is the "text window" which allows you to monitor your progress. Information included is the colour menu for the chosen mode, present function, prompt, draw mode and x,y coordinate angles. It works like an electronic palette, serving as a constant reminder.

With this program, a wonderful canvas is created to play with or work on.


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