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Home Computing Weekly

Adventure Into BBC Basic
By John Wiley
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

This is a tape with a few gaps in the explanations that are filled in if you buy the book of the same name... The adventure game and utilities on the cassette are from listings. It is meant to save you hours of typing.

Seen in this light you should expect the book to supply detailed notes on programming and the relevance of the utilities. Unfortunately the review copy did not include the book which has to be bought separately.

The adventure was nicely done given the necessity to keep things simple. The use of mode 7 animated graphics was rewarding and amusing.

You are a knight entering Camelot to join the Round Table. There are perils, treasures and adversaries chief amongst whom is Morgan Le Fey. Some startling use of sound and light gives a nice atmosphere.

Other helpful utilities are included in order to help you write adventures like Compacter which strips out unnecessary spaces and comments - useful to keep within memory limitations. Envelope helps in creating sounds and shapes in creating your own user defined characters.


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