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ST Format

World Soccer
By Zeppelin Games
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #17

World Soccer

No, this isn't yet another footie sim, believe it or don't. This time the boot's on the other foot, as you sit on the managers' bench instead of mixing it on the pitch.

World Soccer is an icon-driven strategy game where the on-pitch action merely represents the outcome of all your management-type decisions. The real skill is in choosing players, selecting training schedules and handling those nasty little surprises, like injuries and bookings.

Starting off with a wodge of dosh but a pretty naff team, your aim is to improve on both and finally get to the top of the league. There's no arcade action as such, just the cerebral business of managing a football team mixed with the nail-biting suspense of waiting for the results to come in. Expect to be mildly absorbed rather than wildly excited.

Rod Lawton