ST Format

Blinky's Scary School
By Zeppelin Games
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #17

Blinky's Scary School

Blinky is an extremely cute little ghost. He's also star pupil of the Scary School for young ghosts, and to him has fallen the task of penetrating the defences of Dumtrochie Castle, cleared of spooks yonks ago by Red Laird McTavish, the swine...

Blinky is a very attractive game, especially for the younger player. Backgrounds are colourful and all the sprites and objects huge. Blinky himself consists of a white sheet, a pair of enormous red shoes and a pair of blinking eyes - which widen and bulge comically when he stumbles into one of the many potentially fatal traps in the castle.

It's your job to guide Blinky through the passageways, up the stairs etc, avoiding the nasties on the way and keeping your eyes open for useful objects, like torches and toilet paper (don't ask!). Careful, though - Blinky can carry only three objects at a time.

Great for kids, if less riveting for adults, Blinky is graphically excellent, and well worth its budget price.

Rod Lawton

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