ST Format

Treasure Island Dizzy
By Codemasters
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #17

Treasure Island Dizzy

Second in the "eggcellent" Dizzy series, Treasure Island Dizzy has you guiding your egg-shaped hero around a treasure island after his holiday cruise goes wrong.

There are coins to collect along the way, and creatures and traps to avoid - and even two solutions to choose from: either discover a way off the island and back to the yolk-folk, or find and collect all thirty coins.

The graphics are excellent, and Dizzy himself is a cute, happy little chap who looks at you and waves up and down as soon as he stops. And he rolls rather than jumps as you direct him around the various platforms you explore.

You get a lot of game for your money and, although the style is geared more towards youngsters, Treasure Island Dizzy provides fun, as they say, for all ages.

Rod Lawton

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