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Home Computing Weekly

By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #63

This game has nothing to do with boxing!

Instructions are given during the loading process and are quite adequate. A nice extra is the revolving score table, on which you can see your name spin round, if you're good enough!

The major setback of the game is that the graphics are small. The small characters make the game appear to be really fast.


You have to kill the mutant robots by dropping rocks on them. They have one large eye which emits a yellow beam of light. If you're caught in this, your strength is sapped and if you're not carrying a rock the mutant will metamorphosise into a cruncher or spectre.

The game is situated in a maze. Two separate keys are used to pick up rocks and drop them. This makes the game very difficult. Some of you 'wonder players' out there may be able to pick up this sort of game with no problem, but slow people like myself would have great difficulty.

£7.95? Well, I wouldn't buy it.


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