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Home Computing Weekly

Forbidden Fruit
By Voyager
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #81

Forbidden Fruit could be described as a cross between Snapper and Cybertron Mission. After choosing the keys you wish La use a display of the objects is shown.

You must manoeuvre a man around a maze collecting fruit and the key to the door to the next level. A number of creatures also live in the maze and they make your job much more difficult. You can shoot the creatures when you move sideways but not if they are above or below you.

If you manage to escape this first level, bonus points are awarded on the time taken and the fruit collected. There are 12 levels in all and each one is harder than the last.

The game is really fun to play, 1 had difficulty getting myself away from it. On the 'B' side of this cassette a 'zapped' version can be loaded. On this you never lose a life and it is possible to choose which level you start on.

At £6.50 this game is great value for money and far better than other more expensive packages.


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