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Diamond Mine
By Blue Ribbon
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #128

Armed with only a very long pipe you must save the mine from the deadly killer bugs and rescue the remaining diamonds. Well, sort of, the game is not quite that exciting, but it is very skillful.

Starting from a point at the top of the screen, you - the chief mine-worker, presumably - must guide your pipe down through the maze of tunnels, avoiding touching-the walls and bugs, to reach the diamonds.

You start with a set amount of pipe but if you hit a wall or a bug, you lose twice as much pipe as there is on the screen. If you reach a diamond or your pipe is eaten by a bug then you just lose the amount of pipe visible. There are eight diamonds to collect and each screen starts with less pipe.

The game takes quite a while to get used to as the maze is very difficult to move through. If you do manage to get all eight diamonds - it took me a few goes! - then the next screen is the same as the first with less pipe. This leads to a fairly boring game in the long run. Admittedly when I reached a fairly high level the screen maze did alter slightly but by then I was almost too bored to notice.

The instructions are good and the graphics quite reasonable, but the game is not very playable - it's difficult to master and repetitive to use. Fair to average.


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