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Broadway Boogie And Classics
By Broadway Electronics
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

The cassette box is boring and there are no instructions. But, don't go away - it's not all bad.

In fact, this is an interesting little package: three pieces of music, all written in Basic.

We start with The Broadway Boogie. It's got drums, bass, piano and a trumpet. It really uses the BBC's sound capabilities. All is well until we reach the finale. For a moment or two, the piano is out of time.

I said there were no instructions. In fact, it tells you to type CHAIN "The name of the song". However, this is useless because they are written in the wrong order! CHAIN"" is the best idea.

Next is the G-string, which includes graphics. It needs them. It's very repetitive and sounds just like the Castella advert. I think that's why a smoking cigarette is shown. In this program, you can choose the key. Prelude is more classical. A nice piano piece, it is far more interesting

At £4.95, the cassette is fairly expensive but I feel it is worth it for the change from space games.


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