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Home Computing Weekly

By Virgin Games
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #71

Brainstorm is a unique game designed to test the skill, logic, memory and nerve of the two opponents. The idea is to fire a laser beam directly into your opponent's brain. This may not sound too taxing but the laser beam is directed by altering the deflection factors of your prisms. Complicated, eh? Once you've mastered the maths, the game itself is very interesting.

Players take in turn to position their prisms, to which they give a deflection factor. The direction in which the laser is travelling before it hits the prism will decide which direction it leaves.

Once you have positioned your prism and set the deflection factor the laser is fired. It will hit 25 prisms before running out of power, although it is more likely to leave the screen or hit a brain first.

Brainstorm can be put on a parallel with chess and must be just as, if not more, complicated. I wouldn't recommend it for children but it's great for a game which needs thought.


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